Personal Style

Hello Everyone! Everybody has a style that is personal to them, from the fashionista trendsetter that can be found on any campus to those of you who read everything from all four corners of the internet who just happened to stumble upon this delightful blog. Well, my views on personal style is that your personal style is made up of clothing that makes you happy. Not just happy the day you make that grand purchase but everyday after, when you put it on, you are smiling throughout the day for no other reason in particular, than because you look and feel fabulous! This is precisely what I try to accomplish with my style. My favorite subject is history. Why? I am not quite sure to tell you the truth, but what I can say is that I love learning about the different eras. Why someone has the crown for oh so many decades to why they were decapitated the day after having their day on the throne. Fashion, like any ruler over the years, is constantly changing. You notice it in every magazine! “The new trend you can’t miss!” – to “The new color of the season!”… well, my response to these types of headlines is that someone who is truly, (and I mean truly into everything fashion) is someone who may wear the latest trend but does not rely on them. A trend monger is someone who may feel happy in what they are wearing but is someone who does not create a wardrobe special to them. My wardrobe is constantly overflowing with dresses to a new pair of boots, to whatever I happen to pick up on vacation. Yet, everything I wear captures something that sparks my interest. I never get bored with fashion. It constantly surprises me! My style always captures a particular place I am trying to recreate on the city streets of Chicago. My car purse is one of my favorite pieces, not because it is awesome (it is), but because it’s a car purse!! Who wouldn’t love to see someone walking down the street with a purse taking on the shape of a car?!? I mean seriously!! Your personal style is special to only you, remember this when getting dressed each morning, get dressed in what will make you smile throughout the course of the entire day!!


Cecilia Roses