Living Life Through Wine: Traditional Meets Experimental

Hello Everyone! I have been spending my best summer sunsets yet in gorgeous Napa Valley, California! The scenery is beautiful and brimming with all sorts of great wine and food to the most amazing and creative people. Napa Valley is known for its many creative winemakers that rival even the very finest of France. I visited two wineries. At one, everything was lavish, every step of the wine-making process was perfect, under high vaulted ceilings, amidst vast landscapes of grape-vines rolling over hills. This vineyard was very traditional and showcased the very best of a robust wine that Napa is known for. The other winery evoked a rustic sort of feel; barrels towered up to the ceilings of a single old red barn. A woman mushed grapes between her toes — the charm of the farm! This wine was dynamic, experimental and was interesting and exciting to taste, not only for me (not a wine connoisseur) but for those whose lives revolve around wine. We listened to the wine as it fermented, harkened to the yeast feeding on the sugar of the juice and making it into alcohol. Our guide climbed up barrels and tapped them so we could try an assortment of twelve different and interesting wines. Throughout the whole visit, I couldn’t help but think, wow, this is what summer is really about. Living life… spinning my glass and sniffing while gazing at the most beautiful sunset. As with wine, fashion comes in many forms and although the huge lavish fashions strutting down the runway are gorgeous, street wear can evoke a new type of amazing that leaves you with more room to experiment with your own closet. The fashion shows you see at fashion week showcase the greats of what fashion has to offer but it is not until you experiment with provocative pieces of street-wear that you begin a new understanding of fashion. Let me tell you that although great lavish pieces are fabulous to gaze upon, wearable yet undeniably fashionable clothes can never be beaten. Street-wear fits and molds to the scenery whereas the runways are built for the very clothes themselves. Dressing for the occasion is essential and, when played with, an experimental taste showcases the wearer’s eye and her understanding of fashion at its very fundamentals.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Contrarian linen cropped shirt, Zara skirt, Zara buckled shoes (the purple in the buckles bringing out the color of the grapes), my locket, Micromega sunglasses, and a bracelet my friend gave me

photo 74

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The next few drawings are ones that I drew from my ODDA magazine. Both of these showcase a different form of street style, the first embodying a very urban look from DKNY (with Cubs hat instead of the DKNY Yankees logo) and the second evoking a whimsical, playful look by Marc Jacobs!!

photo 83

photo 84