NYFW: Carolina Herrera

Hello Everyone! At New York Fashion Week, Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren are two of the biggest shows there are. The Carolina Herrera show is one of the first stars at Lincoln Center, and Ralph Lauren is the ionic close to a week of fashion. Walking into Carolina Herrera’s show at Lincoln Center, you are swarmed with photographers, taking pictures at every angle as you try to make your way inside. The huge tent, seating hundreds of people, is centered around a white runway, with large water inspired pillars scattered across the space. There in the front row sits Ivanka Trump dressed in a light lavender look. Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington sit in the middle of the front row- recognizable simply by haircut alone. Bill Cunningham is making his rounds, taking pictures of socialites to magazine editors and buyers alike. When he sits, the tarp on the runway is lifted and the lights fade to nothing. Cell phones are lit and glowing, the only event where photography is completely encouraged and actually needed to make it a success.

Etheral music starts to play and Karlie Kloss walks onto the runway. Super models are super because they can do everything. They are in every ad campaign, walk in every big runway show, and, in time, become the the face of a brand. Karlie Kloss commanded the runway unlike the other models. Her shoulders bent forward she walked powerfully to the center of the runway, past Bill Cunningham, and then wrapped around the stage by Anna Wintour, smiling as she walked. Models rarely smile. She connected with the audience in a certain way. She was unmistakably super.

Her outfit was a short dress, blue and grey, painted with a water marble effect, the same design that was printed onto my invitation. Every collection has a couple of unifying aspects; something to draw the entire collection together. For Carolina Herrera’s show, the water inspiration infused every look. Each model’s hair was combed into a tight, slick pony tail, tied with wide silver. The lips were all a shade of dark, bold red with a hint of pink, a contrast to the first couple of pieces that she sent down the runway.

Carolina Herrera’s collection was one of the most expansive I was able to see. Many of the first outfits had the same marble water detail and large sleeves. The looks then shifted to muted grays and blues. These looks had a sweater-like quality to them, one of my favorites being a simple grey dress, the sleeves puckering mid arm, giving it an unusual yet desirable appeal. The looks then changed again, grey now mixed with dark reds, some seemingly plain grey dresses piped in dark red stitching. Every so often a look would be paired with sport goggle sunglasses, small yet cool, a defining touch that brought a sportier edge to Carolina Herrera’s more glamorous styles. One of my favorite looks of the collection, paired with these sunglasses, was a coat. The coat was white, grey, slate, and black colors, knit and tweed materials combined into a thick outer shell. The hood reached mid back, the entire interior of the hood lined in red fur. The piece was beautiful and striking all at once, sporty and elegantly tailored. The looks then shifted again back to shades of blues but now with a water droplet effect. One of the most memorable of her show and of Fashion Week was a water droplet ankle length skirt paired with a silver belt and a tan short sleeved sweater top with layers of light blue fur horizontally striped along the bodice. The gowns then made their way onto the runway- a Carolina Herrera favorite! Gowns all in shades of watery blue and gold. Some had sparkles coming off on all sides, others a metallic detailing stitched on, pulling out the water marble effect of the skirts.

To close the show, Karlie Kloss walked back down the runway. Finishing the show, her gown had a blue cloudy-patterned bottom and a satin top. The top crossed about the bodice, tightly seamed and off the shoulder. The show was fabulous. Carolina Herrera pulled out all the stops, her gowns and outfits were simply gorgeous. Seeing Karlie Kloss and the fashion greats, including Carolina Herrera herself, made me realize even more how much I love the fashion world.


Cecilia Roses

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To see the whole collection: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/autumn-winter-2015/ready-to-wear/carolina-herrera