The Fun that is Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons makes art fun. He creates art that pulls together color, balloons, and shiny things: all things I love. He finds meaning in a piece by how the audience interacts with it. At the Pompidou Center in Paris, where there is a retrospective of his work right now, he achieved the ultimate experience of fun. Kids were taking pictures of their reflections in the massive fuchsia balloon puppy that sat in the middle of the space while their parents abandoned them to walk into his self portrait porno rooms. Jeff Koons brought the audience into his world.

Jeff Koons is using art the way I love to dress: to make people and myself smile. In fashion, safe is many times considered the number one rule — look nice and feel good. But those I admire most test every boundary, wear color and are on the look out for the new and the interesting. This dress is fun to wear because it is cut rectangularly, making it drape around my figure to reveal form in a new way. And a braided sweater that I can’t help but play with as I wear it evokes the aesthetic of Jeff Koons.

I admire Jeff Koons because he makes the experimental fantastical. Jeff Koons’s exhibition seemed almost alive the way the audience interacted with it. The theme of what “alive” means plays throughout Jeff Koons’s work. To Jeff Koons, air represents life. Air is what pulls all of his works together. We are all filled with air, everything living needs air to survive. Jeff Koons plays with the idea of how we look at survival throughout every sculpture, painting, and photograph. In one room, he placed a bronze life boat. I loved how he played with my subconscious, triggering my gut reaction to trust the lifeboat even though it was made of bronze and would sink not save. You can’t help but look at his work and love and smile at the irony. Survival in fashion is marked by looking towards the trends. Jeff Koons looks for fun. Playing with your wardrobe gives you fun any day.


Cecilia Roses

My look: Contrarian dress and sweater, Calvin Klein tights, and Topshop booties

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