SAIC: Sublime Artistic Intelligent Construction

Chicago this time of year is so perfectly pretty. Perhaps, The Walk fashion show featuring students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago coincides with the beginning of May because the show, like the Chicago spring air, is in fact itself in full bloom. The work was rejuvenating and inspired, unique, and filled with so much variety and extremism that it rivaled some of the works walking down the runways at fashion week. It got me excited to see how these designers will take on these very roles in the future. The SAIC The Walk show is meant to showcase the designers’ work to the industry. This is exactly what it was, a performance “show.” One that balanced the more obscure artistic tendencies of the students with the hilarity of the models themselves, the sparkling Swarovski encrusted designs, and when the show began, a multi media performance. Even though I have been to the show in the past, I was startled by how much I smiled and laughed. Some of the models danced and shouted down the runway, taking on the persona of the clothes themselves, while others were more reserved and let the clothes do all the talking.

On my side of the show, however, the actually going to and prepping of what to wear to finding my seat in the front row required a different sort of excitement. Dressing up for a show is part of the fun. Because I was able to be press this year, I went for a minimal yet modern look. My dress is in the ever popular camel color and is simply an elegant piece to wear. I love seeing what everyone wore to the show. Some of the students wore intricately fastened tops and creeper shoes, others were in long flowing dresses with flowers sewn into their hair. I would love to meet the designers, find out how they stressed and pressed the fabrics, draped the garments, chose the music, and what exactly made them want to take on a particular aesthetic. This collection was their first stamp on the industry, it showed their technique, craftsmanship, and overall drive as a designer. Maybe I will have the chance to do just this, and I can ask them all my questions.


Cecilia Roses

My look: Claudia Perlot dress, Topshop flatform sandals, and leather bound Sony camera for taking pictures at the show!


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