Clothes are a way to be romantic, to look attractive, and overall to be open for love. The right kinds of clothes do just this. But what happens when you fall in love with the clothes themselves? The place you bought them, the place you wore them, or perhaps the people you were with the last time you had them on, are all what comes to mind when you wear the clothes from then on. Maybe, however, it is not the overall look of the ensemble that gives these garments this indelible remembrance but who and what you loved at that time. Clothes are, in this way, a time holder. They are a way to remember and romanticize the past.

Clothes themselves are reminiscent of a particular moment, yet fashion, like love, is ever-changing. Planning what to wear is a way of romanticizing the future: perhaps a new dress for the prom, sandals and shorts for a concert, or bikini for the beach. Your mind at this point, is at the planning stage. Clothes are what become the sense of stability for a romanticized future. Because of course, control is never constant. The materialization of love is hard to capture, it is ourselves that do this. There are the little things, the conversations remembered, passing hellos, to simple fun, but it is hard to retain all of these in your brain. Clothes make it easier to remember while not cluttering the present moment. In the words of a romantic, myself, clothes do more than just make you look attractive, they carry the love you felt when wearing them…


Cecilia Roses

Photo by Tim Walker