The Louis Vuitton Foundation

In Paris, the new Louis Vuitton Foundation art museum is now open.  Designed by Frank Gehry, it gleams with a metallic finish, contrasted to the muted and natural tones of its wooden frame. From the outside it is simply astonishing. Gehry’s design seems to unfold in space, rolling against the sky in the way waves do. Gehry wanted to make museum-goers feel like they were on open water. The Louis Vuitton Foundation was made to look and feel like a ship. The contemporary and modern art selection was masterfully done. The inaugural art exhibition houses an impressive range of work from Munch to Matisse, and the permanent collection celebrates the who’s who of today’s artists. Both exhibitions wonderfully contrast with one another and acknowledge the range of artistic inspiration the Louis Vuitton house looks towards. What amazes me is how Louis Vuitton collaborated with Gehry. They embraced his genius with a runway show of one of their most recent collections through the hidden pathway design of the museum. Not only was the building thereby highlighted, but the designs, done in popping colors of greenish yellows and geometric reds, paired against the muted front of the museum presented a perfect combination of both architect and fashion house: the colorful, shiny allure of Gehry’s designs a complement to the beloved brown bag of Louis Vuitton.

Of course, going to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, I could not resist but wear the brand. I am wearing one of the more iconic looks in a red embossed design, one that pops in color but registers with an evocative sense of old craftsmanship. Worked around the purse, I am wearing a Kate Moss for Topshop dress that pulls the red of the purse into the flowers of the dress. This dress is cut to the Parisian taste, very femininely done, but in black giving it an allure of modernity.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Prada sunglasses, Louis Vuitton handbag, Kate Moss for Topshop dress, and Topshop cutout flats