An Attitude of Luxury

Luxury derives from a certain lifestyle and a certain personality. By wearing and surrounding yourself with luxury, you begin to become what luxury entails: a high flying attitude towards life, a thirst for the more superfluous delicacies, and an attention to the fanciful details that line the walls of Fifth Avenue’s shops. Luxury is caviar for breakfast, a multi-million dollar wedding band, and a closet filled with personally styled outfits just off the runway, to owning a jet ready to fly off at the tiniest of whims. Luxury is embedded in our dreams of fulfilling an extravagant existence. Perhaps going to France for a wine tasting tour or even a foodie guide of Japan, and of course, all in style! When going to these places you may think that what you will wear resides in a name of brand. Your luggage will be from the famed Louis Vuitton, you will wear Gucci on your feet, and, on your shoulders, a Burberry trench coat.

By wearing a luxurious brand name you are making a statement. If you are wearing a handbag or an outfit simply because the logo is famously recognizable as extravagant then you are making a statement not for yourself but instead towards anyone who walks by. If you however wear an outfit, although it may indeed be by some of these famed names in fashion, not because of the logo, but by how it makes you feel, then your intentions change. Your intentions instead shift towards trying to recreate your fanciful dreams of the unattainable lifestyle for the everyday, and you do so stylishly!

Fashion is very exclusive in some respects. Although the pages of Vogue may be read by anyone with a couple of dollars in their pocket, the clothes worn on the models are only attainable to those with extraordinary financial means. True luxury, however, isn’t about money: luxury is a mindset more than anything else. It fulfills aspirations and fuels desire. There are little luxuries we can all live out everyday. In fashion, I find that by wearing a certain “luxurious” garment, you begin to feel like you are living the luxurious life the piece is intended for. This is precisely what luxury is meant to do: to escape normality. Luxury is the escape from the normal convention of our lives. When I put on an outfit I feel like I am acting. I feel like I am in fact taking on a particular role or character, someone who has done and who still does it all. This is why sometimes the smallest of luxuries can make you take greater enjoyment in the littlest parts of life, and in doing so make your days feel all the more grand. The little luxuries of wearing a fancy dress or a nice pair of shoes should drive you to live life the way the piece should be worn: extraordinarily.


Cecilia Roses

Photo by Tim Walker