Dressing by Setting

I choose an outfit based on setting. When going anywhere, we each have two options for how to dress. 1. Dress for the setting to take on the “role” the setting provokes, and 2. Dress to contrast with the setting rather than simply complement it. The first option allows us to dress for the occasion and assume a sort of “character” as if for a movie. The second gives us the opportunity to juxtapose the expectation of one location with that of another and bring about a certain dialogue. Both options are fun! Perhaps it is my love of Ralph Lauren or maybe even simply the Ralph Lauren commercial before Downtown Abbey that has made me envision the British countryside in a certain way. I imagine it is a rustic excuse to dress up. It really is. For this reason I couldn’t help but dress for the fanciful pleasures such a beautiful place possesses. Which is your option of choice?


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Oscar de la Renta dress, Topshop flats, Sarah Ritter ring, and my charm bracelet
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