This is blog post #52. This is the last blog post of 2015 and marks the completion of 2015’s New Year’s resolution: 52 blog posts for the 52 weeks of the year. Blog post #52 I could use to highlight all of the things I am proud of myself for and further my egotistical ways or perhaps it would be better spent detailing all of the cool things I have seen and the truly amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know this past year. Or maybe you would be more interested in seeing images of a new outfit, fitting for the cusp of the New Year. But no, none of this. However, if it so concerns you I would happily recommend reading the other 51 blog posts of 2015. And as for new outfits, just wait till the 1st, and what will follow will be many more posts of me in just that. No, what I propose for this special 52nd blogpost is rather a question about why blogs even exist. I have spent well over 52 hours working and thinking about you and the conversation you and I can have revolving around fashion.

Blogs are websites of beautiful images of clothes and thoughtful articles about them. I would like to think that they are beautiful and that somehow these paragraphs have impacted you in some small way on your voyage across the internet. However, when it gets down to it they are only pictures and words. Pictures capture a split second look at a garment and me! either smiling or posing at the blinked wink of a flashing camera. These pictures don’t capture how I feel wearing my clothes, the loving touch of a garment, the texture, or how it hits the light. These images don’t allow for the scene to fully unfold. They don’t hold on to gazes by passersby and the stand-out quality I hope whatever I am wearing may have. Images can’t capture the the way an outfit interacts with its context: the way I or anyone else plays and walks in the garment or even the social setting beyond the limits of this blog. Sometimes it is not what someone is wearing that is so eye-catching, but rather the whole-hearted way they put themselves into it. This in itself is fashion. There are people who I see in bright colors who laugh equally as brightly, and sadly there is not a camera that can capture their presence in the room. There are outfits that can look almost wrong and, though intrinsically (and in pictures) beautiful, have little to offer when worn.

Words, when describing fashion, have only a little value. Words simply describe what, if you were there, you could see for yourself. But it is with words that I have the most fun. I like writing about fashion because it seems counterintuitive in the traditional sense of explaining how happy I feel wearing any particular outfit or attempting to describe how I admire certain stitching or the optical patterns of a particular pair of pants. The words in magazines, I’ve noticed, tend to trouble me. Even when paging through magazines I often skip over articles and look at the ad campaigns and photo-spreads. There is some irony to this. Me, someone who likes to write about fashion, most times never reads about fashion in a physical magazine. Instead, I read articles online and see the comments others write and the progression of how the same stories appear across all of my social media accounts. I am not quite sure why I don’t read them in the literal magazine, but perhaps it is because often times the writing in magazines takes the mystery out of the pictures, or in the case of some magazines, is actually focused around something entirely different and altogether unrelated to fashion. Saying this, and owning up to this crazy irony, I collect, study, and reread all sorts of fashion books whose purpose is more generally around fashion. Fashion books provide the thought process and mindset of those in fashion, especially designers. They breathe the consciousness of the clothes that are unconsciously thrown on and outfitted together. I hope my blog can do the same.

Perhaps a fashion blog, although greatly flawed for many more reasons than the ones I have described, is special because it creates a dialogue between all different sorts of people from all different sectors of the globe but with one common interest: fashion. And so as 2016 comes and passes like this year, check back and please comment, there will be more outfits, beautiful images, thoughtful words, drawings, and wonderful conversation in the many of posts to follow.


Cecilia Roses