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When talking of fashion, there might be no more backhanded bitch slap then, “Wow does that look comfortable.” However, I have often wondered if comfort should be fashion’s main goal. Of course, “look good, feel good” is the motto that has propelled our happy shopping sprees across the internet and excited perusing of store fronts, but, shouldn’t comfort be the highest attainment? Should comfort be the first and foremost determining factor of what we choose to welcome with open arms (and wallets) into our closets? I never thought so until I stripped the racks of the but-a-day-old Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration collection.

Each season Uniqlo and Lemaire both provide understated effortlessness smart design. Uniqlo, with its heat-tech sweaters and shirts, light weight puffers, and fleece-lined sweats, brings basics to the masses. The lit up 3-floor prime location on the Magnificent Mile shines with fashionable opportunity to otherwise cold Chicagoans. Lemaire, the cool street wear brand, boasts ingenuity of design and defined aesthetic without ever being either too trying or copying. Business and life partners Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran make clothes that although have practicality, intrigue. Christophe Lemaire, before opening Lemaire, worked as the head designer of Hermès. Hermès is a sporty house. The tradition of scarves and simple lines are key to its success. Hermès, although celebrated with it’s slogan, “the sporting life,” manages a certain sensual quality. Similarly, Lemaire too, has this same feel. The collection of dark aquas, soft yellows and mustards, stark whites, tomato reds, and cool blacks of the Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration is possibly the most comfort I have ever experienced.

Both Uniqlo and Lemaire are new. Both offer a modern approach to how to dress and in combining the two, a low-end brand with a high-end name, has accomplished something altogether admirable: comfortable cool for all. The highest price in the collection is $130, while most of the knits and crafted culottes are priced at $30-60. Walking out of Uniqlo, two bags in hand filled with a couple of color-coordinated (and, I suppose, color-contrasting) looks from two of my favorite companies, I can say, comfort, although perhaps not the most important factor of fashion, feels really good.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Uniqlo Lemaire clothing, and Cole Hahn suede boots

Photo Credits: Natasha Lerner

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