The “Thing” is…

Some piece in your wardrobe is undoubtedly your thing. The evolution of something becoming your thing is really quite simple. First, an item transitions from a stage of liking to a place of favoritism, and then it reaches the final step of becoming your signature thing. The thing is, things become a comforting go-to.  They dictate what you buy and how people think of you because they become symbolic of you. Things are the Chanel sunglasses on Anna Wintour. They are the gloves and overall black and white gloved look instantly recognizable as Karl Lagerfeld. They are the bodysuit knee-length dresses of America’s favorite television star Kim Kardashian, and the Birkenstocks of the Olsen twins. They are the worn-off the shoulder bomber jackets of once editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue and now CR magazine’s Carine Roitfeld. Black has been the thing of the fashion world since Rei Kuakobo first introduced Comme des Garçons (or maybe since Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress), and mules and see-through tops are the thing of now.

Cullottes are my thing. I would track my obsession of cullottes to when one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, shuffled on stage at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, a book under one arm and black culottes swishing around his calves. The man is a culotte devoté. If you are unfamiliar with the name, search an article of his in the New Yorker and upload an audio book– you will never go back to your days of lack laughter. I was incredibly excited to sit there in the balcony and realize that I was matching one of my greatest role models, me in cullottes and Sedaris in an almost identical pair. He looked happy in them, too, a blue blazer hitting the breezing pants just at the right spot. At that moment, with me and the rest of the audience staring at his pants instead of at him, he spun around to show them off. He took the microphone and said how ridiculous he always feels wearing them. He bought them as “stay-at-home” clothes when he was vacationing in Japan and went to the great Dover Street Market there, buying all of the pairs they carried and that fit.

At first you might feel slightly comical in their baggy excess fabric shafts, but once you accept cullottes and their oversized pockets, you will realize how many cullottes you have been missing out on your entire life. There are the dress cullottes, the casual cullottes, the ones meant for sweaters, the ones asking for a nice pressed cropped button-up, and the more out there polka dotted and striped numbers coming out of Comme des Garçons. Cullottes are the thing that will be a conversation starter and the piece that goes with just about anything in your closet. Cullottes are pointed out as as my thing. I find some deep satisfaction in such a great pant being thought of as my thing. What’s yours


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Uniqlo and Lemaire culottes, sweater, and jacket, and Topshop boots