Shopping Vintage?



The art of the find when vintage shopping may be either skill or luck. Finding the right piece can take a whole day. In order to find something extraordinary, some expert tips may be necessary. Vintage shops are often crowded and stuffed on all walls with thickly stacked racks and toppling handbags. Designer jewelry sits tucked into velvet boxes in glass display cases. Shoes lie on top of one another in their size designated homes. The best vintage shops tend to be ones that can carry recently retired runway pieces as well as the classics, and signature items from whatever decade you desire.
When I vintage shop, I don’t look for a particular designer name or year. Instead I choose by fabric. However crazy it may sound, I like to close my eyes when I walk the racks. The feel of the fabric’s texture– soft or scratchy, intricate or simple, the cut of the piece makes itself known by touch. What’s worth trying on is easily narrowed down to what you would like to wear. If you find yourself liking soft, whether the fur jacket or the fluffy sweater or whatever, your finger tips tell you what to buy. However, if as you run your fingers over the racks, you find yourself too tempted to keep your eyes closed because you can’t decipher the garment at hand, a more unusual piece may be revealing itself to you. By closing your eyes, otherwise hidden finds can appear. A second technique to vintage shopping that I would recommend is standing away from the racks and picking out items by pattern or print alone. To shop vintage is to develop your eye for rarities that surpass trends. What was once loved and worn by another becomes unique to you.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Vintage Escada jacket, Jean Paul Gaultier top, vintage pants, Comme des Garçons x Converse sneakers, and Gucci jewelry

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