Shopping Stomach

I shop all the time. Every day, seemingly every second. I shop on my laptop. When I see people walking down the street I am forming a mental shopping cart of what I need to buy, and of course when I walk to the store or flip through a magazine I am shopping for what pieces I can put together in to perfect ensembles. Often times it seems like my mind is always on shopping mode, constantly looking to consume and always hoping to find the one thing (or more likely, multiple things) that I simply can’t live without.

If fashion were like food, by now I would have a shopping stomach. I would have shopped my way into a stomach ache where I couldn’t even bear to think about shopping, let alone styling, and glancing at a price tag. Alas no, this is not the case. I don’t think a shopping stomach exists, or at least for me it does not. I don’t even buy stuff that often! I just shop obsessively online putting together outfits I could wear if only I had the closet space and room on my credit card.

I have learned something from my absurd shopping habits. I often feel inspired by what I do have, but I also know that there is much more out there in the realm of pretty, cool, and totally awesome that I can look at, fawn over. If I haven’t become bored of a piece in a month or two down the line and they still have my size, then I will save up and make the grand purchase.

However, although I do shop all time for what I would like to buy, more often then not I am watching the runways, paging through magazines, and working my way through the Ssense or Farfetch websites looking not for what to buy, but to see where fashion is moving, changing, and expanding. I “shop” in terms of gaining a vocabulary for what’s out there, finding out what I like and what I do not. This whole process makes me learn about myself, and I work it into my personal style.

By shopping a lot I have come to appreciate. Maybe this is just making me feel a little better about how much of a consumer I have become or how much happiness a glittering pair of heels can bring, but I do think shopping has calmed my nerves, given me a high that can’t be matched, and developed my instinct to create outfits that seem all the more out there and fun.  By shopping, I have become a happier and more confident person.

Saying this, I think there may be a time in my near future (perhaps when I embark on my journey to college next fall) where I will take a month, semester, or year off from shopping altogether. A sort of shopping cleanse. I am sure there will be much to benefit from this too. But as the sales are at their peak, haute couture week just finished up, and the racks are beginning to be decked out in what’s new for spring, I will continue shopping away.


Cecilia Roses