A Little Thing Called Tact

I have a rule I try to live by: only point out what you can change. There are times when you will get a stain on your sweater, occasions when you will rip your favorite knit on the doorknob as you run out the door, and the probable occurrence of leaning against a wall or banister and dusting up your look. These things happen. They happen to you and they happen to me. But, there are times when you, now having read this blog post, know to cap your coffee when walking, carefully walk by that doorway of yours, and then retain that great posture and not lean against that ever so tempting wall. But you will come across people who in your head you are thinking, “wow, they don’t know how to keep it together,” or “how sleep deprived can that person be to get a large coffee and then proceed to tiredly spill it all over themselves.” Don’t judge and don’t comment.

This is called tact. I have a rule that applies to these sorts of situations that my extremely fashionable Aunt Alison once taught me and I will pass on to you. If they can’t fix the malfunction in under 5 minutes, don’t point it out. Unless you are willing to buy your friend another sweater, then just pretend that little stain its not there. She knows she is in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction and is killing herself because of it. Don’t add to her embaracment, buy her another coffee and talk about something else.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Yeezy Tour shirt and Uniqlo black skinny jeans