Summer Whites

Hello Everyone! The last couple days of summer are winding down and I wanted to wear the color of summer: white! Chicago is absolutely beautiful this time of year, the trees are so green and the flowers are becoming overgrown. Black and white are two colors that are great in contrast of one another and to any scenery. I am not wearing any jewelry to take on a more classic yet simple look. I love flatform sandals because they give you some height yet are comfortable to walk in and beautifully feminine. Shorts can sometimes bring on a more masculine look so to play it up with lacey detailing and chunky sandals will add a feminine touch to your ensemble. Enjoy the last few moments of summer; the gorgeous sunsets, the ice cream parlor walks, and of course pure relaxation.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Topshop lacey collared shirt, J. Crew chino shorts, Ralph Lauren croc belt, and Topshop flatform wedge sandals

photo 97

photo 98

photo 95

photo 94

photo 93

The next two drawings are my own designs, and the third I drew from one of my fashion illustration books (although I made some modifications). Iconic fashion and style can be seen in a little black dress or a pea coat, staple pieces that are simple yet classic. Fashion illustration usually doesn’t capture the detail work of an outfit but instead captures the emotions and feelings of the girl. Art is meant to be interpreted. An image of someone mysterious makes you, as the onlooker, try to put together a backstory for the character. This brings the art to life and therefore enables you to connect with the piece on a whole different level.

photo 2


photo 3