David Bowie Is

Hello Everyone! I went to the opening night of the MCA’s David Bowie Is exhibition, which I absolutely loved. David Bowie is an amazing musical icon who has taken on different characters throughout his career and has an exceptional gift of composing great songs. His songs, such as Under Pressure and Let’s Dance, are among the best and well known songs of all time. Everyone who came to the exhibition looked phenomenal, some mimicking the looks of David Bowie throughout the seventies. People wore huge platform boots with chunky heels and came powdered in his signature chalk white face with striking lipstick and unmistakable eyeshadow.

With my look, I aimed for a modern take on seventies culture with a simple dress yet unconventional in cut. The new generation of the seventies was all about testing boundaries. This means questioning political ideas, music, fashion as a way to express oneself. David Bowie is one of the premier style icons of men’s fashion. Many of his outfits, which were on display at the exhibition, reflect his love of Japanese culture.  He even wore some of Alexander McQueen’s elaborate designs. I love seeing those who have the confidence to test boundaries in fashion, as it expresses such a sense of character. Enjoy!


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Contrarian dress, HUE tights, Topshop flats, and Cambridge Satchel mini bag

photo 13

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The next two drawings are ones that capture a take on the classic woman. One very casual, perhaps drinking her cup of coffee,  the second in a classic gown at an incredible event. One of the reasons I love to draw is because art tells a story that changes from glance to glance, from viewer to viewer.

photo 15

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