Remembering Oscar de la Renta

Fashion icon Oscar de la Renta passed away last night at 82 years old. He will be remembered as one of the most influential designers of all time. He designed stunningly mesmerizing collections each season and dressed top celebrities for over 50 years. Mr. de la Renta first emerged in the fashion industry in the 1950s bringing an eye for bold but undeniably tasteful fashion. As styles have come and gone, he has adapted his clothes for the modern woman: “There has never been a woman as exciting to dress as today in the history of time as no woman is in control of her destiny as a woman today.” Yet he was able to maintain an aura of tastefulness and elegance throughout his career, making his runway shows one of the most anticipated each season.

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When you say the name “Oscar de la Renta,” you instantly know that whatever the garment, it is going to look fantastic. The quality and precision to the pure amount of time put into each piece is incredible. Everyday, sitting down with a team of seamstresses, models, and designers, Mr. de la Renta tweaked and redesigned look after look to create a collection fit for the runway. He designed over 100 pieces each season but only a selected 60 make it to the runway. If he liked a certain aspect of a piece, he redesigned the entire look to accommodate what he believed must be seen, even just days before the collection premiered. He was able to turn a bodice of a gorgeous taffeta gown into a vest. This was the kind of brilliance of Mr. de la Renta that changed the elegance of the modern woman.

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Many people cannot believe the prices of so many haute couture styles. Mr. de la Renta’s goal was not just add another designer name to your wardrobe but to create something that moves your heart. “You have to make a woman fall in love with a dress. Money, why do we talk about money, so unimportant. If a woman wants to buy she can afford it if she falls in love with it.”

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Cecilia Roses