Shades of Austin

Hello Everyone! I am in Austin Texas! I love everything about this city. There is an overall sense of laid back cool where everyone walks the streets in hand engraved cowboy boots and ripped distressed jeans. I went to an art exhibition by artist Do Ho Suh who makes installations capturing buildings but made from fabric. These range from his childhood home in Korea to his small city apartment in New York. He makes all of these seemingly insignificant spaces, gorgeous pieces of art that you can walk through. Suh has to be one of my favorite artists right now because he is able to captivate you in a whole new way than is seen anywhere else. He makes his small New York apartment look like one of the best places imaginable. It’s interesting to see how he incorporates color and fabric into his designs. The translucency of fabric is gorgeous and mimics some of the flowing fabrics seen at Fashion week. The contrast of me in my laid back look mimics the idea of the cool and minimal laid back apartments. The art is depicting a cramped but cool New York apartment that somehow manages to complement my look in all its wondrous colors.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Rugby shirt, Abercombie jeans, Vintage cowgirl boots I picked up in Santa Fe, Ralph Lauren belt, Vintage hand painted flower suede vest, and of course my locket

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