Mon Ami Vogue Français

Hello Everyone! I absolutely LOVE fashion magazines. I am pretty sure this is mainly because of how beautiful the people and clothes are. Everything is so over the top and wonderful that I cannot get enough of it. I subscribe to five magazines a month: Vogue, W Magazine, Teen Vogue, Elle, and French Vogue. Each has a different vibe and a different reader following. French Vogue is one of my favorites despite the fact that I can only read a bit of it. Unlike American Vogue, it shows art and fashion as a sort of timeless affair. The covers are simple yet captivating images of an iconic sort of woman–very French looking. In American Vogue, the cover star is always a celebrity. I assume this is because American Vogue is playing towards a woman who is interested in fashion but also interested in the “American Lifestyle” of pop culture and luxury.

French Vogue has a sort of humble opulence to it. In every issue, there is a black and white spread. When fashion magazines first became popular, drawings made up the pages, illustrating what you could buy and how it should be worn. Then, black and white images and colored pictures came into magazines, revolutionizing how fashion is perceived by the world. French Vogue taps into this historic image by having a black and white spread that makes the reader imagine the color of the garments. French Vogue highlights the everyday French woman, from driving through the beautiful French Alps to sipping her morning coffee on the streets of Paris. I love this because to blog about fashion you mix and match pieces from your everyday wardrobe to create looks. French Vogue captures the same sort of ideas because it plays into the modern woman and what she actually wears in her surroundings, in contrast to the structured woman featured on the runway.

Many times, the spreads at the back of French Vogue are very fun and artsy. This month, the December issue played into Christmas gifts, or as they would say in French, “cadeaux.” They made a living Barbie doll for every major designer, which proved to be a hilarious and brilliant way of celebrating designers while playing into the ultimate fantasy of what we would all want as little girls now grown up: an over-the-top, haute couture, stylish Barbie doll. Even better, we can imagine ourselves dressing up in these fabulous clothes. I hope you enjoy!


Cecilia Roses

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