Bleak Beautiful

Hello Everyone! Chicago this time of year is bleak beautiful. The plants have all turned a melancholy shade of mustard yellow and the trees are turning more bare by the hour. I love this weather as you feel cozy inside but not too cold to go on a walk outside with your puppy. My dog is named Sirius; he is a giant black Newfoundland. My look is mostly darker tones of blacks and blues that are the iconic winter city look. Black is a striking contrast to the thick white snow that undoubtedly will be blanketed across Chicago as soon as it hits December first, as well as to the autumn shades of the city right after Thanksgiving. Although black is the color of choice for winter city goers, there is a reason for this. Black is beautiful. Black is what Bill Cunningham looks for on the streets of New York. Black is bold. Black is timeless. Black is the color that can make any look. Black is a great staple for any array of brightly colored hats, scarves, and fluffy mittens. Enjoy!!


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Zara puffer coat, Peruvian Connection alpaca muff, Nordstrom circle scarf, Abercrombie skinny jeans, Zara hat, and Zara Chelsea boots

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The past couple of weeks I have been taking a fashion design class at the Art Institute. We went to the museum and chose paintings to act as the inspiration for our collections. We then made sketches of patterns that we saw in the art and translated them into runway designs. Along with the designs we made swatches of the different fabrics we envisioned for our collections. Here are some of my first sketches based on an unnamed painting by Claude Monet.

photo 11 IMG_9829 IMG_0287 IMG_9004