Technological Revolution

Hello Everyone! Fashion is always changing, many times, playing off of old styles repeated across time. But now we have reached a point where the pattern of repetition of style must be suspended. Technology revolutionized the world and now it is revolutionizing how fashion is made and worn. We can now wear necklaces and bracelets from Tory Burch and Fitbit to count your steps, Polo shirts that count your heart rate to ensure your full physical potential, and incredibly designed super coats that can face any weather while maintaing a lightweight aesthetic. Fashion has so many more possibilities out there that have, until this point, been inconceivable.

I am wearing light up sneakers in this post! They take on an entirely new sort of technology; how technology can be used to simply make a piece that much more striking regardless of any actual use. My sneakers charge into my laptop, have pulsing settings to change the light, and just look cool. They are a part of a new collaboration at Topshop; Topshop x Glow. They play into the look we all had as kids, each step a vibrant glowing light. I absolutely love these shoes. People love them. They are eye catching and challenging the way fashion has been done and made over thousands of years.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Topshop x Glow sneakers, Rugby ripped boyfriend jeans,  J. Crew sweater, Tiffany necklace, and in some of the pictures my Zara coat as I got too cold

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