Contrasting Vibrancy

Hello Everyone! New Orleans has been crazy wonderful. It hasn’t stopped surprising me with  how much this city can embody so much—the great jazz music it is famous for, a history like no other, a delicious diet of powdered beignets and café au lait, to the voodoo shops that litter the streets wafting incense. I can’t even begin to tell you how kind everyone is here. The people compliment and say hello to you and just walk by with smiles. This city is so old yet has a vibrancy to it — river boats leaving at all times of the day, bands on every corner, and people throwing footballs in the middle of the street.

In this post, I am amidst giant trees with dripping Spanish moss, contrasting with the  beautiful art of the NOMA sculpture garden, including the masterful works of Anish Kapoor, Do Ho Suh, and Robert Indiana. I am wearing a dress that would contrast with any background, never mind the muted colors of the green bog. This dress is more old-fashioned in cut with midi length and pleated skirt. Yet it plays into a new vibrant feel, with a cut out see-through middle and gorgeous coloring. Fashion can do two primary things: one, adapt to its surroundings, or two, stick out. Either of these can make a statement. I love statement pieces. I know I speak of it a lot but statements echo the character of the wearer. There is no way better to embrace New Orleans than to stick out with a statement. Hope you enjoy!


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Topshop dress, Topshop black flats, and as always, my locket

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photo 8

The next drawing is one of my new 365 days of drawing straight from an ad from British Elle. 

photo 7