Fight the Power!

Being in high school, a sophomore at that, I am entitled to my own opinions about the world, but, alas, I must acknowledge that I don’t know much for sure. I am always asking about and questioning everything. It isn’t just the common questions we high-schoolers tend to lean towards in terms of finding meaning in our lives or wondering why we as humans even exist, but I ask questions about what we all can hope to do in life. I hope that even at my young age I can do what I love. I want to begin doing now! Unlike the high-schoolers portrayed in movies who are overly involved in day to day gossip to think seriously about the future, I think about my future a lot, and I know it will involve fashion. Fashion has led me to think for myself. I almost never follow the latest high school drama, or, if I do, it is not until months later when it is no longer weighing on the minds of my friends. This is because their gossip and problems do not usually involve me. Maybe this fact hints at my self-absorption, but I like to think that ignoring gossip humanizes our high school years.

Stress in high school would seem to arise from the usual topics: college, boys, studies, and sleep (and boys). These make up the cycle that incessantly repeats itself in the minds of high school girls. In high school you begin to find your niche, the people you can talk to or sit with in quiet silence and feel comfortable merely by being in their presence. You develop your interests as well as your disinterests, what you like and what you know you don’t. You form your image. My image is more or less along the lines of a nice girl (who also happens to be a fashion fanatic!) Sometimes, however, I let my style fringe from more radical aesthetics back to the more preppy or sporty. This bomber-jacket plays into the high school “jock” ideal. I absolutely love it. When I was at New York Fashion Week, I, of course, had to peruse the new Ralph Lauren Polo flagship store. When I saw this jacket on a male mannequin, I ran inside and asked to try it on. The salesperson informed me that the last of the jackets had already been sold to off-duty models coming out from Lincoln Center. I loved that a jacket, its cool patches and school-boy touch would look great slung over the shoulders of slender models who walk in the year’s biggest shows. (I was so excited to find it at the Chicago store yesterday!) Yes, I am high school girl and I am wearing a jock’s jacket, but I won’t apologize. Fashion thrives on irony. For me, this jacket is a symbol of a young woman’s power.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Polo Ralph Lauren boxing bomber jacket, Topshop MOTO slim boyfriend jeans, Topshop biker boots, my dog (who is actually the 160 lbs the jacket signifies on the patch)



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