Anchored Passion

I have found that passion runs in circles. If you are passionate about something it is only a matter of time until you find people who share your interest. While boating in Annapolis, Maryland, I have found that the people smile and wave from boat to boat. Tubers and water-skiers, swimmers and jet skiers, sailors and motor boaters all share the same undeniable love of the water. When you share a love for something you look to find ways to make it that much more amazing. I love a lot of things but my true passion is fashion. The people in the fashion industry are friendly and ambitious. They look to make the world more beautiful and so look to find the new and upcoming “bests.” They don’t shy away from new talent for worrying that they could be competition but rather look to recruit and push new designers and fashion minded people to be their best and in turn change the world.

At New York Fashion Week I was amazed by the community of talent. There were bloggers, magazine editors, columnists, buyers, stylists, and personal shoppers hugging and laughing before the shows began. For myself, I have seen how making and gaining connections can boost your presence and voice in an industry this powerful. What I love about fashion and about the inspiring and amazing people I have met and look up to is how much they are rooting and pushing for my own success. Ikram brought me, a new and aspiring fashion writer, to some of the biggest shows of the season. People have approached me with contacts I should meet and others have given me their cards to learn the industry from the inside by way of an internship. Although fashion is a competitive industry in the sense that everyone is trying to champion the field, there is an overriding desire to make sure that in every season more beauty arises. In doing so the fashion world is a very sociable and welcoming place.

The dress I am wearing in this post fits right in with the nautical feel of Annapolis’s shores and docks. It also happens to be by the young and talented Alexander Wang. Fashion is an industry in which being young is an asset. By being young you have a new modern look and are still in the learning stage of your career. You are willing to experiment with very little to lose and have mentors to make whatever dress, collection, or aspiration a feasible reality. I am still in this learning stage where I am reading, researching, and now becoming a part of the fashion community.


Cecilia Roses

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