Pretty In Pink

Some colors you like. Others you love. With pink, you develop a relationship. This is due to the simple fact of being a woman. Many women hate the mere mention and moreover the sight of pink and therefore decide definitively never to dress in pink. Nonetheless, pink remains the cultural color-sign of femininity. Perhaps this hatred derives from its overuse and our being uniformly dressed in pink during our infant and little girlhood years. It is the color that consumes and altogether plagues our memories from childhood; a bubble-gum pink walled bedroom, multi-colored pink dressed barbie dolls we were inevitably given, and the only color we seemed to wear in old photos. I am saddened that a color that ought to liberate us to feel divine, to celebrate what it means to be a woman, has been used to reduce femininity to mean childish naiveté.

Pink is a color that has real range. It can be in lighter shades of baby and coral to more intense fuchsia and magenta. Often with clothing, pink is worn hap-hazardly rather than sparingly and therefore creates a look that seems trashy or “cheap.” When wearing pink, it may even feel like the liberation you once had from changing your pink monotone girlhood attire to the more masculine shades of black and grey is suddenly minimized, sapping the strength you ought to feel as a woman. When I wear pink, I look and feel younger and so energetic, more innocent but no less intelligent. It makes me feel pretty and powerful.

I think we can redefine the connotations of pink and its overall association to femininity. Pink makes you feel feminine and beautiful when wearing it. Designers next fall of the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and Marni are making pink the color of choice. It will be “on trend” with edgier cuts done to show the strength of women wearing this classic color. This is why it seems perfect to wear it in London. Not only is this dress my favorite shade of pink but it seemed fitting for fancy afternoon tea and an evening at the theatre.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Contrarian dress, Prada sunglasses, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, Topshop booties, leather pouched camera and my charm bracelet

Inspiration from this month’s British Vogue Article by Lisa Armstrong

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