The Londoner’s Eye

A great city is in constant motion; people walking busily, new buildings being built, a dynamic cultural scene, and those with an observant eye can see greatness growing. With art, architecture, fashion, music,  drama, comedy, luxurious and beautiful London is indeed a great city. Everyone and everything is fancier in London. I am a fancy dresser and so I have come to associate the wonderfully dressed Londoners as my people. I love being in this city.  Perhaps being surrounded by clever and creative people brings about a common desire to act and dress fancifully. The way local Londoners speak is fanciful, accents and mannerisms alike. They don’t shy away from dressing up for the streets, these pinned-stripe-suit and shined-shoe devotees. There is a respect for the finer details, whether it’s a sharp pair of cufflinks, the cuffs of one’s pants rolled just right, or a striking shade of lipstick that makes a look. These details of an ensemble, when done with intent and attention, are the key to taste and style.

History plays an important part in fashion. Every designer takes inspiration from what has already been done. London is a city with a great amount of history, therefore it provides the perfect backdrop to either play into the traditional dress of patent leather and tweed in a looser silhouette or provide a delightful contrast to more avant-garde cut or draped pieces. The London weather makes stark this contrast between old and new, bright and subdued, fancy and minimal. And the weather continually changes here from the usual haze of rain to the occasional outbreak of sunlight. It is absolutely amazing. These pictures are so wonderful for me to share not only because does my eye-pin nicely echo the London Eye, but because my dress takes on a different mood according to the many different shades of London, from iconically tasteful to intriguingly new, just like this great city.

Cecilia Roses

My Look: Tanya Taylor dress, Ikram eye-pin, Topshop socks and ankle boots, and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

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