The Truth of Thinking Big

What is truth? Why do we all look for the truth? Why are we afraid to know the truth? Is the truth really what we want? Is truth really measurable, or even plausibly attainable? Could it be that the truth is too uncanny for us to wrap our minds around? Is truth rather the fringe 6th sense of humanity? 

We are taught to question everything as a means of finding the truth. In doing so, it’s promised we’ll be so-called “enlightened” into the fabric of the cosmos and the human psyche. Sometimes, in the search for truth, we compose the biggest questions. To ask what intellect is, to question what we reason with or try to define the concept of knowledge brings up whole new series of questions. Yet these are fanciful wonderings that threaten you with vertigo. You may plunge yourself into a great void of hopeless misunderstanding when you ponder for too long things that cannot be understood. Maybe this is the greatest truth there is: no matter the questions asked or research done, when it comes to the broadest concept of things, our best thoughts are only nebulous. Meaning transcends what we can hope to know.

Maybe it is better this way. Maybe truth is unattainable for a reason. Or maybe there is no purpose behind anything. Perhaps “truth” is a concept we invented ourselves. It is for you, me, the girl next door, and the guy you have been texting, to figure out for themselves. Nevertheless, thinking deeply about things can be useful. By dissecting ideas, you broaden your vision of the world.

Fashion is sometimes viewed as a strictly superficial thing. Maybe this is because we are taught that there is something more important and therefore it is not worth the time or money to dress impeccably when there are “greater” things to think about. The truth is: fashion is important, and fashion is powerful. I would argue that fashion, like any other medium, is a means to examine the greatest of concepts. It is a visualization of the indecipherable philosophies that plague our minds. Fashion is a way to look at humanity. Fashion is a way to talk about morality and judgement, what is pleasing and visually appealing, what is grotesque and twisted. Fashion is a tangible way to investigate the biggest questions.

Fashion is more than looking good. Fashion is a mode of finding a little more truth in our lives. Alexander McQueen designed entire collections that played with our concept of beauty. He played into an underlying sense of the savage mind that is a part of beauty’s range. He made designs with his own human hair, alligator jaws he found, and incorporated bat-like wings into his designs. He made looks that were striking and frightening. They were also beautiful. His designs question our preconceptions about “beauty” and force us to redefine a term so long imprinted into our culture. This is why fashion isn’t superficial. This is where fashion changes our mindset. When looking at fashion or anything for that matter, think beyond what is expected. Think big.


Cecilia Roses

Header Image by Alexander McQueen

Inspired by David Foster Wallace: ‘Plain Old Untrendy Thoughts and Emotions’