Seen In Profile

You have a profile. A profile draws attention to your features. A profile can show the part in your lips when you talk excitedly, can show the bridge of your nose that most have only paid due attention to from the front when they see you walk into the room, it can show the way you turn down your head ever so slightly when you think you are by yourself. Profiles, when looked at intending to notice the little things in someone, tell you a lot about a person. Perhaps, the little things, the things that would otherwise go unnoticed, are what add the most to a person’s charm. Maybe even it is the little things that subconsciously add the sense of character and charisma we admire.

There is another kind of profile other than your face. Your body has a profile. An outfit when looked at from the side alters the profile of your figure. But we call this a silhouette. Certain outfits can draw your eyes’ attention to different contours. An outfit may sometimes be put together to show off your body from a side angle. Perhaps, a tight red dress to show off your curves or maybe even a belt to draw attention to your waist. Sometimes clothes are used to cover up your figure from this angle. Even sometimes as a way to hide what you feel ashamed of. However instead of covering up, try thinking of ways of drawing attention to what you like about your body. This could be the perfect pair of jeans that hug your hips just right or even a coat that is tailored to hit your legs at the right spot. By flattering your figure you will feel more confident in what you are wearing.

The silhouette of a particular outfit can also change the way you wear it. Certain ensembles require you to stand with a certain poise, others with a shorter walk, and some to step with confidence for full effect. The dress I am wearing in the next couple of photos is classic. It is a simple dress. It is one of my favorites. It is so simple yet people say, “wow, what a dress.” I doubt it was designed the way I wear it. It is in a much larger size, hence its plunging neckline deeper than normal, and its baby-doll style is magnified when looked at from the side. I love its silhouette. When wearing this dress I feel as if I am a character. This dress, with its almost mushroom-like bottom, makes me feel like I am in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and so I walk with a certain lightness that makes me lean forward slightly. I love it. I absolutely love it. And there is no place better than to wear it then Athens, Greece: a place where the people portrayed in art were done in profile.


Cecilia Roses

My look: Contrarian dress, Burberry purse, my Grandma’s golden beaded ballet flats, Micromega sunglasses, and my Grandmom’s vintage bracelet

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