It’s Love

I have always had a conflicted love with the color red. It, like most relationships, isn’t afraid to play with your emotions. It’s the color of anger, passion, aggression, power, confidence– love; red fits all feelings. It cheats on the good and supplies the dark. Once you put it on you can’t go back. You won’t want to. It’s the only color that fits all feelings and changes them too. Let me explain, you may put on a red blouse because you are angry and want the rest of the world to let you be for the day, but by the end of the night, it will be a little unbuttoned and now the color you associate with the night you met someone new.

And how can we forget that red is also the color that makes you feel loved? It is the color that you look for on someone’s cheeks as you catch them looking at you and the color you want to wear in the cold, so it matches your rosy cheeks in the same way it did theirs. It is the color that goes with any eye color. It makes you feel confident. Red is the color that asks you to be passionate. It is the color that takes intention to wear. It is never the color you just throw on. It is however the color you put on intending to do something, whatever that might be. Red is the color that you want to dance in and have a memorable time in. It’s the color that will make you memorable. It’s the color that is worth falling in love with.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Sacai Luck top, Ikram Chicago socks, J. Brand jeans, and Topshop zipper loafers

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