A Fashion Confession

I was at the University of Chicago the other day and read an ad for a karate class on campus. I laughed out loud. The students sitting at the table next to me turned my way from their work as if to question my sanity. I laughed quietly and tore the ad off the bulletin board. I walked out of the gothic archway and saw, down the quad, a class of karate students in practice. I could picture it, me with a top knot and an entire white gi (the traditional Japanese karate uniform) as the flyer pictured and as the karate-clothed class of students down the lawn displayed.

However, karate might just be another hopeful skill I intend to acquire next to rapping and fancy pastry making. But with any new skill I choose to actually pursue, what I have to wear plays a real deciding factor. When asked why I am on the tennis team I sometimes omit my true feelings. Yes, tennis is my favorite sport to play, but if I am entirely honest, some of my reasoning is really, “Well, I just love the idea of working out in a skirt.” This answer would of course be followed by a weak sort of compensating smile on my part and on theirs a reciprocated grimace.

As it was, I was the only dressed up person on campus in a Nina Ricci Harry Potter-styled coat and Musée de Cluny Thakoon vest I saw at fashion week that I thought went with the overall aura of the University. Nope. I stood out as it was, black belt or not.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Thakoon vest, vintage dress, Nina Ricci coat, Calvin Klein tights, and Zara Trafaluc shoes

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