Dressing for the Now

I have never been told that I do well at living in the present. Because I am actually told that I am bad at it, I take such comments as an insult. However, this couldn’t be more true. I am nostalgic about the past and eager for the future. Perhaps this is why I like fashion so much: it allows (forces) me to live in the present. The past is out and the future will come. You have to dress for the now.

However, finding what to wear for the now is tough. Extremely, extremely tough. This kind of pressure is what gets us all at some point. It is what drives me every night to trashing my room in an upheaval of everything I own in the hopes of finding the most perfect of perfect outfits. At this point I have become pretty happy with my wardrobe, a number of jackets, good accessories and lots of shoes, however, this does not in any way suspend me from the moment of disbelief we all have when we knowingly say, “I have nothing to wear!”

Getting dressed for the next day is still a totally separate venture from packing a whole week’s worth of outfits. A trip entails having the familiar “I have nothing to wear!” moment. When I travel, I think in terms of movies. I don’t think of the stars and what they are wearing, but of the characters and what I have seen them wearing in film. If I am going to London, I pack the more out-there outfits resonant of Bowie or the more tailored styles of Ralph Lauren. In New York, I dress like Carrie Bradshaw or The Great Gatsby.

Funnily, how I dress is often similar to how I draw. As an artist, I tend to create characters. There are certain people who I regularly draw. As I have gotten older, they have matured in how I portray them. My friends often glance over my shoulder and ask, “who is that?” I respond honestly that I have no clue. However, the people I draw are similar to how I dress when I travel. I can picture who they are and what they would wear in different settings.

In movies, I always marvel at the costumes. My favorite movies do not rely solely on costume, but I would be lying if this wasn’t a huge swaying point in my favoritism. So when packing for any trip or for that matter what I want to wear tomorrow, I have to plan on how I see my day unraveling. I know what plays I will see, what restaurants I will be going to, and what stores I will be checking out. I think of what would be the perfect costume in a movie at these locations, and I begin to plan and pack.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Free People jumpsuit, Calvin Klein bra, Zara Trafaluc shoes, and Gucci jewelry

Where: The Ace Hotel Los Angeles