We mimic. We buy the same phones as our friends and we tend to dress similarly to those we know. We do what we can to fit in. It makes sense? Yes. No. Not really. But why is it that we mimic? Why don’t we instead strive to evolve? I would like to think that Darwin’s theory of evolution can be applied to everything: that change is what should be aspired to. A teacher of mine says, “the worst 7 words in the English language are, ‘because we have always done it that way.'”

In most things in life we accept what already is. In terms of religion, we usually follow what our parents have taught us to be true. Similarly, we usually accept what is taught without questioning. Politicians who maintain the same positions are celebrated. Politicians who change their mind are often thought of as unreliable. We mimic and we accept. We tend to like the idea of critical thinking. However, it is rarely applied on a mass scale.

Think of fashion. The “classics” are celebrated and most change is viewed as a negative. This is especially true on an individual level. Trends are by their nature subject to change. In other words, everyone changes together. However, an individual trying on something new is not as frequent.

The questions many designers ask are about how to reinvent specific garments to be more beautiful or well designed, hardly ever introducing a new silhouette or construction. Chanel reinvents the famous suits every year. The more avant-garde designers of Rei Kuakoba or Junya Wantanabe push the boundaries of what’s conventional. However, these two designers, the designers of Comme des Garçons are more marveled at than worn. The play label (definitely cheeper) is what is mostly seen on the masses. Not so often what the house is known for.

In the pictures below I am wearing a dress as a shirt. I am not fully reinventing however I would like to think that changing how a piece may be worn, even ever so slightly, will begin to make me think of new ways to evolve what I already own.


Cecilia Roses

My Look: Madewell jeans, vintage dress given to me by a friend, Ralph Lauren sweater, Topshop boots, and Gucci rings

PC: Natasha Lerner