Alexander Wang on the Streets

Hello Everyone! Collaborations bring a designer’s personal touch straight to the everyday lives of people all around the world. They bring about a connection between designer and brand. One of the greatest and newest collaborations was Alexander Wang x H&M. Not only were the windows and ads incredibly well done but the clothes themselves were innovative and wearable for the city goer. Alexander Wang is a designer, honed in making simplicity a statement in itself. He makes pieces strong and bold. H&M is a brand marketed all over the world and to bring the two together had to be amazing.

Now, this collaboration came out in November, so why I am I writing about it now? Flashback to November 5th when the collection first appeared online. I instantly started scrambling outfits in my mind to wear to the gym, to wear to the pool, to wear around the house, to wear on the street. However, by the time the collection was finally available to buy, my many favorite pieces already in my cart, I was in class and stripped of my chance to snag any of it. By later that day, the entire collection had sold out. Depressed and saddened at the months of anticipation and excitement put to waste, I shoved the hope for an entire black cool outfit from my mind.

Flash forward: Christmas morning. I got a pair of Alexander Wang x H&M jeans! They are awesome. And let me tell you the textured design feels amazing. Alexander Wang seamlessly made an entirely black and grey collection wield power, look strong, and feel cool. Alexander Wang nails down street style perfectly every time, making this shoot perfect on the city streets of New Orleans. I paired this modern piece with a black draped blouse and black vintage boots I picked up in Austin. Enjoy!


Cecilia Roses

My  look: Alexander Wang x H&M jeans, S at Barney’s blouse, vintage British Knights boots,  and S. Riter NYC Designs rock ring


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This drawing I made from the new British Elle feminism issue starring Emma Watson. Feminism is a topic that needs to be discussed and to have Emma Watson pave the way for a new generation’s influence is amazing. Many times, feminism is viewed by the general public as a mode to put down men and to justify wrongdoings but feminism is not a matter of men vs. women but a way to make them equal. Elle collaborated with the Fawsett Society to create t-shirts invoking the need to act, reading: “This is what a feminist looks like.” Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch wore the shirts proudly.