To appear effortlessly pretty, you need to first become comfortable in what you love. To appear effortlessly put together and easily chic you must try hard to learn what is flattering on your figure but also what will make you smile while wearing it. Those who think that being effortless goes without work are mistaken. When someone looks as if they are “trying too hard” it is because they are still defining their personal style. For myself, I know what I like and what I don’t. Yet I always try hard to find outfits and ensembles that fit my persona and my lifestyle. I try hard everyday to look myself. This means trying on countless outfits to find which way a piece is worn best. Now, I don’t appear to be “trying too hard” because I go about the styling process to find a cut that is unconventional, beautiful, and striking and not marked by the designer. A tip I learned from the French is that someone who really has style is not someone whose closet is dictated by designer name. A designer label to me is a tag of quality, craftsmanship, and design, not price or extravagance. I follow certain designers such as Raf Simons, Thakoon, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, and Alexander Wang because their designs and overall artistic sensibility surprise and intrigue me, not because of their house name or famous logo.

I love to see people walking down the street who feel lovingly comfortable in what they are wearing. I do not mean to say those who neglect the craftsmanship of designer brands and who instead look for the most snug and pajama like attire, but rather those who experiment and test their boundaries or turn to a more simply honest look and do it all with charisma and charm. This is where the persona of the wearer may even outshine if not complement the outfit. This is where someone has style. They look beautiful because their style reflects and represents their personality. They are effortlessly pretty because their clothes, however avant garde and wildly put together, are done to show interest and personality!


Cecilia Roses